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Cyber Security and Data Governance Audit Assessments

How safe is your business from external and insider threat?  How secure is your data?  Are you confident in your security layers?  Can you evidence this to a regulator or client?  Let us take a holistic view of your IT Security position, not just the technical controls, but also the policy, procedural and human elements.

Regulated entities are required to evidence the strategy and ability to protect confidential and sensitive data.  We can help define a robust set of policies, procedures and practices to ensure you meet those obligations whilst preserving the BAU model of working as far is is possible.  Our experience across the finance sector means we are fluent in GDPR, Reporting Standards and regulatory requirements, from both the technical and business perspective.  This allows us to uniquely offer a service that dovetails with your business, as if we were another senior member of your team.  In effect, we become your IT Security Manager or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). 

We undertake on site and remote assessments of your existing technical platforms and controls, business as usal practices, and create you a report that shows you both where you are strong and where you could improve, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your strategy.  

We will present these findings to you in both verbal and written form. 

Business Meeting
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