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Rock Solid IT Solutions for your business


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What do we do?
Small & Micro Business IT Support

We provide rock solid, value for money support, to mostly smaller companies who want to be treated as important and feel valued, regardless of size and status. 

We will give you honest advice, offer the best value for your business, and keep you running smoothly. 

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Human Firewall

When subject matter experts meet content authoring experts, a new kind of training course is designed.
A course that engages its audience with relevant, bespoke, focused content. 
Meet our new Cyber Security Awareness training course, written in partnership with Governance People, specifically for the Isle of Man FSA Regulated market.


Keeping you and your data safe

Fractional IT Director / CISO

Experienced Addition to Your Business

For the SME that doesn't have a dedicated IT Director, or outsources IT, there may be a gap in your C-Suite, Board or Senior Management Team with regards to Technology and IT Risk.  That's where we can come alongside and bring our wealth of experience at this level to assist your decision making.

Cyber Risk Assessment Audits

Know Your Weakness

How safe is your business from external and insider threat?  How secure is your data?  Are you confident in your security layers?  Can you evidence this to a regulator or client?  Let us take a holistic view of your risk position, not just the technical controls, but also the policy, procedural and human and physical elements.

Online Business - eCommerce and Website Design

Grow Your Business

We can help you launch into e-space.  With experience of supporting online platforms including banking, finance, recruitment and e-commerce stores, we can help you choose and deliver your online strategy to maximise your growth online.

Cyber Awareness Training

Create a Human Firewall

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help you turn your staff into a human firewall.

We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients view their individual and collective responsibility in keeping the companies data assets secure.

Classroom based or digital content, either way, we can deliver what you need. 

Working on a Computer
Game Designer

What we do Assess, Review, Support, Train

Cyber Risk Management, Training & Regulatory Compliance

Fortress-it was founded to assist small and medium sized companies to build their business into a fortress.  

We bridge the gap between IT & Compliance. 

We look at your business and we assess it, review it, and "fortress it"

Risk Assessments, Training, Mitigation:

We can help you and your existing team to sharpen your focus on Cyber Risk, Physical building risks, GDPR issues and to train your non IT staff in becoming more "Cyber-Savvy", as well as ensuring your regulatory commitments are taken care of with regards to Security and Business Continuity planning, policy and procedure.

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